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Author Marketing

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Author Marketing

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Book Formatting

Atticus Book Formatting Software

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One on One Facilitated Book Formating Training


Facilitated Book Formating Training

Author Courses

Facilitated Book Formating Training


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Kim Vermaak

Do you dream of touching the hearts and minds of other with your stories?

Do you dream of touching the hearts and minds of other with your stories?

Whether you are a fiction or non-fiction author, you have the power to transform people’s lives. But that will not happen unless you are willing to do what it takes to get that book in front of as many people as possible.

The good news is that you have taken the first step. That’s why you are here.

The bad news is that writing a book is not like winning the lotto. Very few people get that elusive big book contract. Statistics show 70% of lottery winners end up broke and a third go on to declare bankruptcy. Why is that? Because they have not developed the skills to maintain and build their wealth.

What does that have to do with authors? A lot. If you are not willing to learn the skills and take action to build your book business, then you will fall into the statistics of those on Amazon that only ever sell 200 books in their entire lifetime.

But if you are willing to learn and take action… regular, disciplined action to build your business, then you can be one of the discipled few who can many a living from their books.

Give your self permission to dream big and take action.

Author, Book Store Owner, Coach and Marketer

I have been an entrepreneur for over 20 years and in that time; I have helped hundreds of brand managers, event coordinators, and entrepreneurs build their brands. I loved what I did. I won a Regional business award, was featured in Cosmopolitan and Destiny Magazine and I was the vice chair for the Johannesburg Business Women’s Association. But after I turned 40, I realized that every victory was fleeting. I was only as good as my last deal.
I wanted to create something meaningful. To leave a legacy. I realised that books could do that. Not only could they transform people’s thinking one book at a time, but I could get real passive income from a catalogue of books. And I could make sure that my children benefitted from my royalties long after I am gone.
But as an entrepreneur, I realised that I was going to have to build my brand. I would have to commit. I learned everything I could, spent years preparing and learning the hard way. I realised my best successes came when I followed a system and had an accountability partner.

What do we do?

We help you build your book author business from the ground up.

From getting your book listed on Amazon to helping you build your readership and creating an online presence.

We don’t do quick fly by night wins.

We work with committed, growth orientated authors who want long term success that will leave a lasting legacy for their families.


Author Websites

Your author’s website is your main online presence for readers.


Printed Banners

Banners are great for signings, readings, and trade shows.


Do you want to find out how established authors hone their skills?

Book Trailers

Entice readers with book trailers. For both fiction and non-fiction books.

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A sterling job done at my book launch

I want to express a heartfelt thank you to Kim Vermaak for the sterling job done at my book launch. I highly recommend her services.

Being a first-time author hosting a book launch is very exciting but can also be a daunting task considering all the finer details & bringing everything together. Thanks to the expertise of Kim Vermaak, the Mindset Whisperer, author, publisher and speaker, my event was everything I dreamed it would be!

Kim exhibited a sauve & eloquence that captivated our audience with her masterful interview questions, subtly presenting a wonderful sense of humour and elegance. Attention to detail is an understatement. Everything she does is with excellence and she prides herself on ensuring she meets the client’s expectations. Kim definitely went beyond my expectations.

It takes someone with great experience and talent to be able to bring out the best in an author’s book and Kim did just that!
Thank you, Kim, for an exceptional book launch. You are amazing!

Amanda Naicker

Founder of Heaven's Roar Prophetic Ministries
Evadeen Brickwood

An essential part of the self publishing journey

While I realised that marketing is an essential part of the self publishing journey, getting down to it can seem so overwhelming that you end up doing nothing. That’s why I am so grateful to Kim from Write Learn and Earn. She is an author with a heart for authors and the patience to guide you through it. She has a wealth of knowledge about Amazon, website and other book marketing tools, and I am on my way.

Evadeen Brickwood


Extremely professional and helpful

I did not know where to start with Amazon. But Write Learn and Earn got my KDP account opened quick and completed my ebook and paperback typesetting in time for my deadline. I found them to be extremely professional and helpful. I was distracted by a personal issue during this project. I was not focused on the book and felt overwhelmed. She went above and beyond the service I employed her for helping me successfully publish my book on Amazon. I highly recommend the services of Write Learn and Earn and will be using the services again soon.
Warm regards

Natalie Abrahams


Just fantastic!

I can recommend Kim 110%! She designed my website beautifully and was very patient and professional. Just fantastic!

Hamilton Wende

Writer, Producer, Journalist

I somehow magically just look better

I always used pics I’d taken myself as PR pics. The difference in quality between those and the ones Hush took is indescribable! Not only do I somehow magically just look better, but the colours are brighter and sharper, and they have a far more professional feel. As authors, we think so much about marketing our books; we forget about marketing ourselves.

Jolene Raison


Professional and open process

What Kim was able to offer me in terms of insight, price with her experience in understanding the needs of authors was outstanding. Kim is not only creative, but she takes on your views and comments willingly and it’s a professional open process.

Bruce N Cuttman

Horror Author

Such an asset to my clients

I have recommended Kim to a number of my author clients to help them with their marketing on Amazon, and generally. She’s such an asset to them … moving them up in the rankings, getting more of their books sold and keeping them on track (she project manages them too). If you’re looking for someone in your corner that will help you get your books seen and bought on Amazon, go to her.

Jacques de Villiers

Author, Legacy and LinkedIn Profile Writer

Awesome book coach for my marketing

Kim assisted me with super insightful and effective book marketing strategies. To be very honest, my first book failed on Amazon. I had amazing mentors when it came to writing, and publishing, but no so when it came to marketing. I will soon launch a revised edition of my first book and I will be applying what I’ve learned from this awesome book coach for my marketing. I highly recommend her. She is bursting with book-related knowledge.

Juan de Beer Odendal

Author and Systemic and Family Constellations Therapist

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