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What Would a Successful Author Do? : The Power of Reader Magnets


And you thought writing the book was the hard part…

Have you just published a book and seen your hopes dashed and the spike in your sales dwindle to nothing?

You are not a failure… You are your own hero in your story who has yet to discover the book marketing tools to help you find readers and grow.

To achieve your goal, you are going to first become a successful author in your mind and then do the things that successful authors do in order to have the results that successful authors have.

This requires following a simple book marketing plan to find your ideal readers, attract them and convert them into a pool of readers that has the potential to turn into super fans who will buy anything you create.

In this “What would a Successful Author Do” book marketing for authors series, you will learn:

  • The power of the reader magnet
  • What a reader magnet is
  • What mindset you need to develop
  • How to apply the strategies
Reader Magnets bring readers to YOU.

These powerful book marketing strategies will work whether you are a fiction or nonfiction author. We designed it for authors who want to grow their book idea into a business that not only provides them with the income they desire but also leaves a legacy for others to follow.

What Would a Successful Author Do? : The Power of Reader Magnets: The Perfect Example of a Permafree Lead Magnet If you're looking to break into the next level of your author career, then building a lead magnet is essential. What's not said on the cover or the sub title is just how to go about doing this successfully. Kim breaks down in the simples terms the power of Permafree books.Having just read several books in the past week on this subject, I thought I had seen/read all there was, but she managed to point out a few critical pitfalls and priceless gems that make this the perfect companion to kickstarting your next free ebook, novella, etc.
Segovia Smith
Segovia Smith
What Would a Successful Author Do? : The Power of Reader Magnets: Great, solid and practical advice There are tons of books available on how to market your books when you self-publish, but Kim Vermaak's book stood out for me because her approach is about business, not ego. As my headline states, the advice is solid and practical, but the book is also inspirational because it's clear that she has done it - been in the trenches, so to speak - and also encourages the reader through lovely quotations and very useful affirmations. Before reading the book, I wasn't convinced about sending readers and prospective readers free samples, but her arguments for "reader magnets" are compelling. Really enjoyed reading this book, and my notes show exactly what I need to do next.
Aki Kalliatakis
Aki Kalliatakis
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