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One on One Facilitated Book Formating Training


Why book for a Facilitated Book Formatting Training Course?

Time really is money.

You could spend weeks learning a new programme, taking your focus away from your core income producing business, or you could learn from a team who specialises in book formatting and author marketing.

Who is this course for?

The Facilitated Book Formatting Training Course is ideal for 

  • Authors and consultants who wish to grow their brand offerings

  • Spouses and partners who wish to support writers in their writing careers

  • Series writers who want to cross-sell their other books

  • Authors who want full control over their book formatting process.

  • Rapid release authors who want to get their books to market faster.

  • Coaches who want readers to book sessions with them through their books.

What to bring?

Your requirements for your Facilitated Book Formatting Training Course include

  1. Your manuscript in a word document or Google docs format
  2. Your laptop
  3. Data to access the online tools.
  4. Notebook to take notes
  5. Pre Purchased copy of the Atticus Book Formatting software. Read our product review If you have not already purchased the software, then you can purchase it during the session, but this will slow your progress.
  6. Your about us author information
  7. Your author profile photo
  8. Images of the front cover of any other books you may have written
  9. Optional: Your front cover of your new book.
  10. Optional: Your ISBN Number
  11. Optional: Your dedication page


This is how to prepare for your Facilitated Book Formatting Training Course

All text to be:

  • In either Times New Roman- or Arial Font
  • Font size 12

Please make sure your word document has no:

  • Page numbers
  • Section breaks
  • No other formatting except Headings

Having these in your document means that you will need to strip them during the training and that will slow down your progress.


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