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Facilitated Amazon Keyword Session


Are you struggling to find the best Amazon keywords that match the following criteria?


  • Readers are actually typing into Amazon
  • Readers will actually pay money for
  • The competition isn’t too hard

In this facilitated interactive keyword research one-on-one session, session, we will do a 60 min one-on-one session going through an Amazon Keyword search.

In this session, you will find out:

  • How many authors are competing for those keywords
  • Is this an area where competing authors are making money?
  • How competitive these keywords are?

From this facilitated marketing research session, you can decide on the best keywords to use for your next book launch or to reposition your current book.


You will be required to send us 7 words or phrases that you think you would like to use ahead of time and which genre you are writing in two working days prior to the session. This is the starting point for our facilitated session.

You will need access to a desktop or laptop

A stable internet connection

Facilitation is done via  google meets or in person.

Dates are subject to change depending on South Africa’s load-shedding schedule.



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