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Escaping the Well of Silence


If you’re a seasoned writer who has been crippled by writers’ block or an aspiring writer who has failed to launch because your stories are trapped in a well of silence, then this book is for you.

All authors face writers’ block. It comes with the territory.

Mindset Whisperer and author of numerous fiction and non-fiction books, Kim Vermaak has crafted 30 writing prompts to help you overcome writers’ block.

The book is intended to get you from being stuck to unstuck by unshackling your creativity.

It’ll help you unleash the words that need to be written, improve your writing, and get your book finished.

The world is waiting to hear your voice. Don’t let writer’s block deny it your gift.

What is your gift?

Continue writing ….

Dimensions 21.5 × 13.9 × 1.2 cm