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Book interior formatting SIMPLE – EBooks


Are you finished writing your book?

Do you want to sell on Amazon and other online platforms, but don’t know how to format the files?

We help you create professional print books and eBooks quickly, easily and cost effective.

How do you know if the Book interior formatting SIMPLE package is for you?

  • You have completed your book.
  • You have written a novel that has no interior images or diagrams.

What we need

  • Your manuscript in a word document.
  • You must format your headings in Heading 1 style.
  • The rest of your book must not be formatted.
  • Your book title
  • The author’s name
  • Your ISBN Number
  • Your Author Bio
  • Your dedication page
  • Your Copywrite contents (If you are unsure, just ask us)

PLEASE NOTE:  If your manuscript has any formatting other than headings, we will require you to remove the formatting and resubmit the document to us.  If you have images and other diagrams, these will not be included unless you have purchased an upgraded package.

Next Steps

  • Choose your style. Look in our gallery section and choose the style you like.
  • Make the online purchase
  • Then send us your files.

Style Types

Have a look at the screenshot in the gallery and then download the template to see what the style look looks like and what the settings are.

Some of the elements of the templates are interchangeable. So please make notes on which aspects you like.


What you will get

  • An Epub for Amazon
  • Optional extra – paperbacks (please see the paperback costs or Bundle pack)


Lead Time 7 to 10 working days.

Please request special lead times if you have a deadline.







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