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Interior Book Formatting

Interior Book Formatting

A book interior represents the reading experience.

If your book layout is easy to ready and professionally laid out, it will create a more pleasurable read for your fans. It is an imporatnt element of a book marketing strategy.

Whether the reader is looking at the “look inside” section on Amazon or physically paging through a book, the interior will tell them a lot about the professionalism of the author.

What do you need to provide your typesetter with?

Before we start, remember that a typesetter is not an editor.

You have to provide your typesetter with a fully edited book. That includes all edits, even line edits. Don’t send your manuscript to your typesetter before you are 100% happy with your edits.

Your typesetter will need

  1. Your manuscript in word.

  2. The manuscript must contain NO formatting except for the headings.

  3. Your copywrite page details.

  4. Your Author Bio

  5. Your author photo.

  6. Your ISBN

  7. From cover images (to include in the epub)

  8. Book cover images and links to other books, if you have published more than one book.

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