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How to Market a Book: Overperform in a Crowded Market


How to Market a Book: Over Perform in a Crowded Market

This book is referred to as a guide and that it most certainly is. It is a hefty chunk of book marketing material for a self-published author.

My thoughts on How to Market Your Book
by Kim Vermaak

Brand new authors may find this book overwhelming and then there are die hard research and book marketing fanatics who will love it.

You have to be brutally honest with yourself when buying this book. Are you brand new and only want to learn the basics at this point? Then choose another indie author self publishing book. I have a few years of self study under my belt and I love researching and have a National Diploma from the Nelson Mandela Metropolitan University, so this book was right up my alley. I got to work making notes and testing out some of the concepts. But it is by no means a quick read, especially if you want to start applying these techniques. If I was new to the self publishing world, this book would be put on the shelf with books that I want to get to someday, but not now.

The book does serve as a marketing tool for the company with several links and references to some of their blogs and products. But each one of those links delves deeper into the topic, which means that you have a mini search engine in your hands that leads you to primarily their own content. But I am okay with that as Reedsy packs a lot of value into their blogs.

It is by no means a quick read and so it slowed down my progress in my goal to read and review ten self-published books by the end of the month.

My recommendation is to skim at first and then settle in and digest something you need to master straight away. Then you can work through one section at a time without feeling like you are just never going to learn all this stuff.

I highly recommend this book for those who love deep dives into the self publishing world.

Kim Vermaak is an entrepreneur, published author, marketer and coach based in Johannesburg, South Africa. Kim helps self-published authors to move from being hobbyists to full-time businesses.

She served a term of office as the Vice Chair of the Johannesburg Business Women’s Association and is a former winner of the Regional Start of Business of the Year. Kim is also a former Cosmopolitan Mover of the Months and a recipient of the Women of Wonder “I Conquer Awards.”

After working in branding for almost all of her adult life and helping hundreds of brand managers and event coordinators build customer relationships, she craved creative something that would create a legacy for her family. When South Africa had its first series of power cuts, Kim used the power of stories to create stories for her frightened daughter. This was the start of her storytelling skill set, but she only wrote and published her first stories when a friend introduced her to the world of self publishing.

Kim is the publisher of a medieval fantasy range of books and an author of self-help publishing books.

Kim offers some free training for authors on her YouTube Channel.


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