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Book Review: Personality Plus


Book Review: Personality Plus by Florence Littauer

“Perfect Melancholies have high standards they do everything to perfection, but when they impose their standards on others, this trait becomes a weakness.” ― Florence Littauer, Personality Plus: How to Understand Others by Understanding Yourself

My thoughts on Personality Plus
by Kim Vermaak

Personality Plus was a recommended part of an entrepreneurial course that I completed. The focus of the book is to understand some key personalities and how different people interacted together. Although I was there to learn how to deal better with people who I encountered in business, I found that the book gave me significant insights into my marriage. 

I learned how my partner and I interact. I can honestly say that it removed a lot of strife from my relationship as I saw my husband through the eyes of a personality type, and many of the conflicts that we had were resolved. 

Then I wondered.. Could this book help me to create better characters in my books? What if I could predict what sorts of responses my characters would make if I knew what their personality types were?

There are some super questionnaires to help you better understand yourself and how you interact with people. I enjoyed that the author listed some real-life examples of how other people interacted and I had several aha moments where I could laugh at myself and recognise behaviours of others.

So whether you are an author creating character lists or you are waiting to improve your pitches or your family life, you can glean many lessons from this book.

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Kim Vermaak is an entrepreneur, published author, marketer and coach based in Johannesburg, South Africa. Kim helps self-published authors to move from being hobbyists to full-time businesses.

She served a term of office as the Vice Chair of the Johannesburg Business Women’s Association and is a former winner of the Regional Start of Business of the Year. Kim is also a former Cosmopolitan Mover of the Months and a recipient of the Women of Wonder “I Conquer Awards.”

After working in branding for almost all of her adult life and helping hundreds of brand managers and event coordinators build customer relationships, she craved creative something that would create a legacy for her family. When South Africa had its first series of power cuts, Kim used the power of stories to create stories for her frightened daughter. This was the start of her storytelling skill set, but she only wrote and published her first stories when a friend introduced her to the world of self publishing.

Kim is the publisher of a medieval fantasy range of books and an author of self-help publishing books.

Kim offers some free training for authors on her YouTube Channel.


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