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StoryOrigin Product Review

StoryOrigin Product Review

I see StoryOrigin as a Personal Assistant and so in this StoryOrigin Product Review, I evaluate the programme on the results it delivers as a system. Scroll down for my rating on specific points in this StoryOrigin product review 4.21/5 Super-charge your book marketing! Like many writers, I started part time, snatching pockets of time

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Are You Positioned for Growth as an author

Are You Positioned for Growth?

I love a good fresh salad and have always had a desire to have my very own vegetable garden. The mini farmer inside me made several attempts, all with varying levels of success. Before I was married, I rented a charming cottage where my garden flourished. It was a wonderful staggered white rose garden and

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Are We There Yet

When I was a child, my parents took a road trip every year from Port Elizabeth to Cape Town to visit my maternal grandparents for Christmas. A roughly 749 km, or 465 miles long trip. The journey seemed to last forever. A gruelling 8 hour trip, which would have been even longer if my parents

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How diverse is your author team?

In American action adventure movie Robin Hood, Prince of Thieves from 1991 based on the English folk tale that originated in the 12th century, Hood and Azeem make an unlikely pair. Hood, a Christian crusader, (played by Kevin Costner), was imprisoned along with a Muslim named Azeem (played by Morgan Freeman). When Robin tries to

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