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Book Formatting Course

Facilitated Book Formatting Training Course

Do you want people to actually read your entire book? Recommend your book to others and give you great reviews?

Facilitated Book Formatting Training Course

At Write Learn and Earn, we believe a book is not just a book. It is a way of reaching your ideal audiences, selling other products, building relationships and transforming lives.

A well-formatted book provides a better reading experience. Just like being in a well kept and orderly home makes us feel more relaxed, readers prefer reading books that have a harmonious and logical look to them. But there is so much more to book formatting than just the look and feel of a book. E-Books in particular have some hidden powerful marketing built-in tools. Our Facilitated Book Formatting Training turns your book into a lead generating machine that can help you grow your business.

What is book formatting?

Formatting is not just about the way your book looks or the layout of your book, it is about creating an experience for the reader and a brand for you.

It includes the look and feel of your

  • Chapters
  • Page numbers
  • Paragraph spacing
Facilitated Book Formatting Course for Authors

Why book for a Facilitated Book Formatting Training Course?

Time really is money.

You could spend weeks learning a new programme, taking your focus away from your core income producing business, or you could learn from a team who specialises in book formatting and author marketing.

Who is this course for?

The Facilitated Book Formatting Training Course is ideal for 

  • Authors and consultants who wish to grow their brand offerings

  • Spouses and partners who wish to support writers in their writing careers

  • Series writers who want to cross-sell their other books

  • Authors who want full control over their book formatting process.

  • Rapid release authors who want to get their books to market faster.

  • Coaches who want readers to book sessions with them through their books.


What to bring?

Your requirements for your Facilitated Book Formatting Training Course include

  1. Your manuscript in a word document or Google docs format
  2. Your laptop
  3. Data to access the online tools.
  4. Notebook to take notes
  5. Pre Purchased copy of the Atticus Book Formatting software.  Read our Atticus Product Review to find out more about this product. If you have not already purchased the software, then you can purchase it during the session, but this will slow your progress.
  6. Your about us author information
  7. Your author profile photo
  8. Images of the front cover of any other books you may have written
  9. Optional: Your front cover of your new book.
  10. Optional: Your ISBN Number
  11. Optional: Your dedication page


This is how to prepare for your Facilitated Book Formatting Training Course

All text to be:

  • In either Times New Roman- or Arial Font
  • Font size 12

Please make sure your word document has no:

  • Page numbers
  • Section breaks
  • No other formatting except Headings

Having these in your document means that you will need to strip them during the training and that will slow down your progress.

Your Facilitator

Colin Vermaak

Colin Vermaak is an experienced learning and development consultant. While his CV boasts working with local and multinational brands such as PG Glass, Mercedes Benz, Kia, VW and Kimberly-Clark, his methodical and outcomes focused approach has assisted him in working with all levels of all learners.

Colin was first introduced to the world of publishing when his wife announced that she was planning to shut down her business of over 20 years to pursue a career in writing. This life-changing event made Colin re-evaluate his career path, which until then had been focused on building other companies’ teams. He was inspired by writers and their spouses who retired themselves from their day jobs into a writing and marketing team. 

He embraced learning how to professionally format books in a way that helped writers lead readers through their series and market other products to grow their brand. His thorough knowledge of the process makes him an empathetic trainer who understands the challenges of learning a new programme.

Colin Vermaak - Facilitator and trainer How to format a book


Corporate Conference Center

101 Edward Street, Edenvale, Johhanesburg


Course: R5905  including software

Atticus Book Formatting Software


Hello, I am Kim Vermaak

I spent most of my adult life helping other companies build their dream and their brands.

After I turned 40, I wondered if there was more to life than taking care of children and slaving away to earn a living.

I wanted to create a legacy for my children and the next generation. I found that through my books I could celebrate who I am as well as teach others to earn a living through their writing.

Being an author is not a hobby. It is a business, and it is my passion to teach authors how to thrive in that business. I look forward to seeing your book business grow.

Your Book Whisperer


Kim Vermaak Round Profile Image

BookSirens is a legitimate resource for authors and readers alike that can help readers find books they’ll love, while matching authors with prospective reviewers so they can get more honest reviews.

What Kim was able to offer me in terms of insight, price with her experience in understanding the needs of authors was outstanding. Kim is not only creative, but she takes on your views and comments willingly and it’s professional open process.
Horror Author

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