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Do you want to learn how to write a book?

Kim Vermaak's Write Learn and Earn Book Coaching Programme

6 Month Author Coaching Program

Have you always dreamed of writing a book, but just don’t know how to start?

Maybe writing your book is a burning desire, or perhaps it is a strategic goal that you know that you must take action on, but you are procrastinating.

This programme is for:

Coaches, speakers or authorities in their field who want to write a book.

Seven Questions You Need to Ask Yourself Before You Write Your Book

Seven Questions You Need to Ask Yourself Before You Write Your Book

The challenge we have as coaches, entrepreneurs and speakers is to convey our message in a story like quality. A story then ignites imagination and stirs the reader's emotions. But how do you get that right? In this guide, you are going to learn seven key questions you need your story to cover. Your story is bound to have twists and turns, but be sure to cover these key questions when you create an outline for your story.

Kim Vermaak is a author publisher and coach

Hello, I am Kim Vermaak, the Mindset Whisperer.

I believe that your life experience has the power to transform the hearts and minds of others, and I am here to support you in creating your vision for your book. I also understand those little voices that live inside your head. The ones that try to stop you from taking action to move your knowledge into a book that will form part of your lasting legacy.

What other Authors Are Saying

Yesterday I had my first coaching session with Kim, she gave me so much clarity! The scope and detail she covered in just one session was incredible… so much food for thought! Thanks Kim! Confident now about getting out the starting blocks in terms of marketing, writing and much more!
Saskia McFerren
Saskia McFerren
McFerren (Professional Business Coach) GrowthMastery

Don't let your dreams die with you...

How does a book coach help writers write better books?

Writing can be a lonely place. We give writers support, feedback, accountability, and marketplace intelligence while you write.

  • Perhaps that’s you? You have a book idea, but don’t know where to start.

  • You may have some ideas and have written a few things, but now you are stuck.
  • Something is holding you back from taking real action, but you don’t know what or why.
  • Perhaps you are worried that no one will even want to read what you wrote.
  • This is where a book coach can help.

I work with non-fiction writers who are tired of boring books that just seem to be like a textbook.

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