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Get it out of your head and get it done

Get it out of your head and get it done

Guilt is a thief, rummaging through your thoughts and scattering your good intentions in piles of chaos.

Spy movies often portray this type of chaos, with mattresses being slashed and photo frames containing precious memories being trampled. It’s hard to know where to even start to clean things up and restore balance.

Unfinished projects have the power to do that. They litter our minds. It is no wonder entrepreneurial gurus drive the concept of finishing what you started. Because every finished project frees up more creative space in your mind.

What projects do you have taking up your head space? How do those projects affect your sense of self worth and your relationships? I know when I promise my readers a new book or my speaker community some sort of collaboration project and I don’t get it done; I battle with guilt.

This past week I invested some money in a video editor to complete two projects I was struggling to complete. It was quite liberating. I asked myself, “What is the cost of me handing this over to a specialist vs the cost of me trying to DIY it. 

How many more authors can I help when I hand over the video editing to someone who can get this done far faster than me? Then looked at how much more time could I release for writing and publishing if I free up the time and headspace to get this done.

It is quite simple. I write and help others to get their books self-published and marketed. I am meant to build a legacy for my family, and I have to build a team to help me and the authors I serve to accomplish that.

Now have a look at your life and your dreams? If you are an exec, coach or speaker, you may have heard that writing a book gives your credibility in your field a massive boost. 

If that is true, then why are so many book ideas still sitting in people’s heads and not getting launched? In my experience, more often than not, authors struggle to reconcile the person they now are to what they could be. They like the dream, but either don’t know what steps they must take or can’t imagine doing it themselves. If you are in that camp, perhaps you need to have the tough conversion that I had with myself.

Those unfinished dreams are like tenants who don’t pay rent. They fill your thoughts, but add no value to you. They just make you feel guilty and worthless. At worst, the frustration you feel can spill over into your relationships and that is never a good place to be.

So as we start preparing for the end of the year, start listing which dreams you have shelved for another year and find out who you know who can help you achieve them.

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Hello, I am Kim Vermaak

I spent most of my adult life helping other companies build their dream and their brands.

After I turned 40, I wondered if there was more to life than taking care of children and slaving away to earn a living.

I wanted to create a legacy for my children and the next generation. I found that through my books I could celebrate who I am as well as teach others to earn a living through their writing.

Being an author is not a hobby. It is a business, and it is my passion to teach authors how to thrive in that business. I look forward to seeing your book business grow.

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BookSirens is a legitimate resource for authors and readers alike that can help readers find books they’ll love, while matching authors with prospective reviewers so they can get more honest reviews.

What Kim was able to offer me in terms of insight, price with her experience in understanding the needs of authors was outstanding. Kim is not only creative, but she takes on your views and comments willingly and it’s professional open process.
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