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Don’t ignore the process by Kim Vermaak

Don’t ignore the process

I’m pretty sure that the very human Roman emperors, generals and even architects had days when they felt battle weary. Days when a quiet life of retirement in a villa filled their thoughts. But nothing great ever came from quitting. 

Imposter syndrome is something that many visionaries suffer from. They pick up a book in a store and see a beautifully designed cover, well-edited stories and a polished-looking marketing campaign. Or they may look at a business and see the growth and compare it to what they have. Now, what do they tell themselves?

  • “Oh wow, I can’t do that.”
  • “I don’t have the time to do that.”
  • “I have to be traditionally published to do that.”
  • “They got lucky.”

What they are not seeing is the process that the author had to go through to get there. One of the biggest challenges is to not let your emotions lie to you. Other people’s results can make you feel inferior and sometimes we can feel a bit envious. All big accomplishments are built on processes. Just as historical visionaries built great civilizations on process. However, we often want the results before investing in the process.

My parents use the phrase, “Rome was not built in a day.” Historians tell us that in AD 117, Rome was 1.5 million square miles or 4 million square kilometres. Scholars estimate that the Roman Empire had between 50 to 90 million inhabitants. Rome, as a city, was arguably bigger than every American city today from a population perspective.

Here is the thing: the first building in Rome started with a single clay fired brick. Even before workers extracted the clay mixed with water and shaped that clay in the form of bricks and fired it in a kiln, someone thought of what they wanted that first dwelling to look like. 

To grow an empire like Rome, someone with that vision had to employ strategists. To build their colosseums, their villas, they had to have architects, resources and the patience to wait for the process to unfold. The construction of the Colosseum alone was completed over 2000 years ago.The iconic architectural construction initiated by the Emperor Vespasian and completed by his son, Titus, took 8 years.It now attracts over 4 million visitors per year.

To gain territory, Roman emperors had to employ generals, feed armies and cast the vision in their hearts of men and women. Senators had to form alliances and deal with multiple personalities and egos.

That is a lot like your story. Your dream starts with an idea to which you add some words to mould it into the shape of a book. Along the way, you will need to edit, get cover designs. But the words you craft are like single bricks in the process. Unless you have a vision and are willing to put in the work and build relationships to create your vision, you will constantly be frustrated by your results.

The best thing I did for my book writing and speaking was network, so I could meet people further along the way than I was. I had to study what others were doing and be prepared to learn, adjust and commit myself to the process. There were times I got it dismally wrong and other times when something just seemed to work. Then there were times that the struggle was an integral part of the process. There were times that the feedback I got made me want to quit and then I had to dust myself off and get up again. I did it because I wanted something different for my family. I wanted to show them that legacy is possible.

I’m pretty sure that the very human Roman emperors, generals and even architects had days when they felt battle weary. Days when a quiet life of retirement in a villa filled their thoughts. But nothing great ever came from quitting. 

The Roman civilization lasted about 1,000 years, from 753 BCE to 476 CE. Its decline was largely attributed to corruption and administrative division. There were a lot of egos in place, making it a prime target for the invasion by the Germanic tribes. Perhaps the Romans’ style of leadership had not evolved to pick up the impending threats. Perhaps the lure of a life of luxury dulled the edge of their swords and minds. Whatever the reason, the mighty did fall, but their legacy lives on in our art, architecture, engineering law and language. 

When creating your own legacy, remember to align yourself with people who understand your vision. Let go of any doubts, fear or that occasional burst of negative ego that we all have and understand and commit to the process.

Is your legacy worth investing in?

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Hello, I am Kim Vermaak

I spent most of my adult life helping other companies build their dream and their brands.

After I turned 40, I wondered if there was more to life than taking care of children and slaving away to earn a living.

I wanted to create a legacy for my children and the next generation. I found that through my books I could celebrate who I am as well as teach others to earn a living through their writing.

Being an author is not a hobby. It is a business, and it is my passion to teach authors how to thrive in that business. I look forward to seeing your book business grow.

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BookSirens is a legitimate resource for authors and readers alike that can help readers find books they’ll love, while matching authors with prospective reviewers so they can get more honest reviews.

What Kim was able to offer me in terms of insight, price with her experience in understanding the needs of authors was outstanding. Kim is not only creative, but she takes on your views and comments willingly and it’s professional open process.
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