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August 2022

How diverse is your author team?

In American action adventure movie Robin Hood, Prince of Thieves from 1991 based on the English folk tale that originated in the 12th century, Hood and Azeem make an unlikely pair. Hood, a Christian crusader, (played by Kevin Costner), was imprisoned along with a Muslim named Azeem (played by Morgan Freeman). When Robin tries to […]

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Ghostwriting as a Career

by Victorine Mbong Shu  When figuring out careers, it is hard to phantom a job where one will be hired to write for others. But as soon as one finds themselves in the field of writing and is exposed to good writing, they quickly find that not only authors and publishers require the services of

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Reclaim Your Resilience

By Nicky Rowbotham After almost 2 years of the underlying, unrelenting tension and trauma of navigating a global pandemic, for many the start to 2022 has felt like stepping onto a treadmill that is flying at full speed. There was little time to warm up and we just had to start sprinting. As many rush

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